Film & TV

Wendy Snowdon

Wendy may have never planned to become a makeup artist but is very happy using her creative talents and people skills in a successful career as a film and television Makeup Designer.

Wendy moved to Vancouver from England in the early nineties, armed with a Politics degree from the University of Sussex and a diploma in Radio Production from Brighton Technical College. Her ambition was to secure a job in non-commercial radio, but her timing was poor. At that time the Canadian Broadcasting Company had a no-hire policy.

After a few years spent going back and forth between the UK and Canada, she decided to return to the west coast, knowing she needed to find a job in a creative field if she was to make the city her home. She had always had a passion for film, make-up and costume; eventually, the hobby became the job. She started at MAC Cosmetics, worked there a year and at the same time had an evening job in the makeup room of the CBC. She became a member of I.A.T.S.E Local 891 in 1998 and has been working ever since.

Recently Wendy decided to return to the UK with plans to continue her career in her homeland.

Wendy brings to each project a great creative energy, focus and very efficient time management skills. She has a strong work ethic, a great sense of humour, collaborative prowess and possesses great technical skill and natural artistic talents which makes producers, directors and cast have the utmost confidence in her ability to produce results.

In 2014, USA Network submitted Wendy for an Emmy for Outstanding Make-Up for a Series or Special for her design of "Psych: The Musical" which was a critically acclaimed two- hour episode of the long-running series created by Steve Franks.

In 2014 Wendy was nominated for a Leo Award (Vancouver) for Outstanding Make-Up for her design of “Once Upon A Time in Wonderland”, a spin-off of the ABC series “Once Upon A Time”.

In 2017 Bruce Cohen Productions submitted Wendy’s work for an Emmy for Best Make-Up in a Miniseries, for her design of “When We Rise”, a miniseries for the ABC Network.